I don't want my daughter around my ex husband's girlfriend!

Skylableu94 - posted on 03/05/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




My ex husband and I have both moved on, but his girlfriend is genuinely unstable! She doesn't have rights to her five year old son either, whom she has not seen since he was born and has not tried to contact him.
My ex husband is manipulative and was very (and still is) emotionally abusive towards me. He sees no wrong in his actions (like choosing to go off for the weekend he was supposed to have his daughter because it was his girlfriend's birthday. He hasn't seen his daughter but three times in two and a half months).
I'm going crazy. So far he's respecting keeping her away from our daughter, but he also hasn't been alone with her. I know him, and he will most definitely bring her around. I've met the woman, and basically welcomed her. I was respectful, nice, and genuinely trying to make her feel comfortable. That all went away when I had a conversation with her. She's incredibly childish in mindset, seems to be a little unstable, and gives me a bad feeling. She just seems off. We have mutual friends, all of whom say to keep her away from my baby. HER FRIENDS ARE TELLING THIS CRAP.
I have no idea what to do. Any other momma going through something like this?


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Ev - posted on 03/06/2017




I have to agree with the others. One meeting and people telling you about her does not constitute what you need to know about her. Just because she acts unstable or irresponsible in your eyes does not mean that is the way she is. As far as court orders, unless it is stipulated that a new partner is not allowed around the kids....you can not do much.

Sarah - posted on 03/06/2017




I agree with Michelle. If the court has deemed him fit to parent, then he gets to make the decisions during his parenting time. If you truly feel she is a danger to your child, then you would have to prove it to the court and try to get an order for her not to be around your child. How well do you know her anyway? If you have only met her one time, you can't really know what she is like.

Michelle - posted on 03/05/2017




Unless you have court orders stating that either parent can't bring a new partner around your child then there's nothing you can do. You can't control what he does when he has his daughter.

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