I don't want my daughter dad to see her should I let him

Alexa - posted on 03/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 4 years going for 5 and her dad was hardly there when I was pregnant n beside he was very abusive to me once my daughter was born yeah we would go visit her in the hospital for being born premature but he was still abusive there n when she was 4 months old he left us just for a fight we had n never came back he knew where I live all along n never came to check up on her n now that she is 4 years he wants to be in her life how could I get custody or how could I not make him be in my daughter life she already has a dad n its my husband


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/16/2015




You're correct. She DOES have a father. Her biological father. Your husband is her step father, and it's great that he wants to be involved, but you have no right to deny the man who provided 1/2 of her genetics.

Doesn't matter that you no longer like him, doesn't matter that the two of you don't get along. At one point, you got along enough to have sex, and create a child. That child is of both of you. What gives you sole possession rights? Answer: Nothing.

As Evelyn says, if you have a concern, document it. Present it in court, and get the situation rectified. Yes, he'll probably get some visitation of sorts, unless you can actually offer solid proof that he's a danger to the child.

Ev - posted on 03/15/2015




Umm, I have to disagree with you on not allowing him to be in her life. He is her father and has as much right as you to her and a relationship with her. Just because you two did not get along is no reason nor enough of one to keep him from his child.

That said, when he was abusing you as you have stated, did you call the police and file a report on him over that. Did he get prosecuted for domestic violence?

As far as custody, since there does not to seem to be any court orders already he can come back with a lawyer of his own and ask for custody, visitation and child support just as much as you can. Also, if you fear is is a danger TO THE CHILD; get the proof of that for court. If there is none, no judge is going to say no to standard visitation nor the possiblity of joint custody. You need to face reality here and understand that your feelings about him have nothing to do with the best interest of your daughter.

I am sorry you are going through this but you did get into a relationship with this man and I am not sure if you knew his nature of abusive actions or not, but if you did know he was that way, you should not have slept with him and had a child. If you did not know his nature on that respect I do feel for you but you still can not take his rights to his child away because you do not like him anymore.

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