I Dont Know....Am I Normal???

Kormeera - posted on 10/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all, i love my son to the moon and back, with all me heart but i'm afraid to bring him out!!! like what if somethin happens to him or something??? he'll be 2 next week and i want to be bringing him out a lot more. Like even if were in the park i follow him around in fear of him getting hurt....i'm from Dublin but live in Arklow and theres a bit to do here for children but not all the much.....i'm paranoid that hes going to get hurt if i bring him out am i normal??? Please help ASAP! i dont want to keep him indoors all the time...


Jodi - posted on 10/15/2013




I'm sorry, your child is 2 YEARS or 2 MONTHS? I could understand you being this paranoid if he was 2 months (well not really because I would have taken my 2 month old out) but TWO YEARS OLD AND HE RARELY GOES OUT????

Mum, you need to let go a little. It isn't healthy to keep your child indoors because you have fears of him getting hurt. The fear is normal, all mothers worry. The action? No, not normal.

With regard to following him in a park? He is 2, that is normal. Not follow like a shadow, but hover just so you can step in if you need to, otherwise, learn to hold back.

And read the book "Too Safe for Their Own Good". It is a valuable read for you if you are tempted to be a helicopter parent. For any parent really.

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