I dont know how to be a boy's mom!

Jessi - posted on 03/21/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




i have two little girls and am due with a boy in a little over two weeks. im nervous!

i keep hearing how boys are so much harder and that they pee all over the place every diaper change?! most of this is from my sister in law and she isnt the greatest person in the world so i think maybe shes making it out to be worse than it is- oviously it cant be that “bad“. but still is having a boy that much different than a girl?

OH and part of the reason im asking this question is that yesterday i saw on a different thread that under no circumstance are you supposed to pull back the foreskin to clean under it or anything. i had no idea about this- mind you i hadnt given it much thought but if i hadnt read that maybe i would have tried to clean under there? is there anything else i need to know!?

hopefully this doesnt sound too ignorant :)


Tina - posted on 03/22/2011




Relax! After changing a half dozen diapers you will be an expert. A circumcised boy is easier to clean for you and him later on. When you first take their diaper off the cold air makes them want to pee, so just take it down and be ready with a wipe just in case ;-) In the long run boys are actually much easier than girls. Boys are not as emotional and they misbehave as soon as they are angry. Girls hold it all in until they are teenagers and give it to you all at once ;-) Just kidding, kinda. The bond with a son is very different too, special, you'll see.

Kate CP - posted on 03/22/2011




Be careful with what they tell you at the hospital for caring for an intact boy. A lot of times they WILL tell you to retract the foreskin. Only one thing you need to do with an intact boy: clean what is seen. Also, keep some rags near you when you change diapers. The moment you open the diaper flop the rag on top of his penis so if he does start to pee he'll nail the rag and not you or the table or himself. More often then not they manage to pee on themselves (at least mine does, anyway).

I was worried about having a boy, too. My first was a girl and it was pretty easy with her for the most part. What I am more worried about is when it comes time to potty train I've heard and read that they're a lot harder or they take longer to potty train than girls. But, given my daughter's track record, I don't know if you COULD take longer or have a harder time potty training. :P

Bottom line...you'll do fine, Jessi. Having a boy baby is a lot like having a girl baby: they both eat, poop, cry, and sleep. ;)

Tina - posted on 03/21/2011




I have just the opposite problem I have two boys and am due with a little girl. The challenge that I find with my boys is that they go until they drop. YES, they do pee when you change them but if you are quick ( And you will learn to be.) it's not so bad. I had both of my boys circumcised. They showed us how to take care of his little guy while we were in the hospital. I also have my hubby to ask when I have a question. or my dad and trust me there are things that I did not know that I am glad I asked about. I may get a laugh or two from them but they answer the questions. It never hurts to ask. One thing that I suggest is when you change his dipper point his pee pee down it will save on a lot of laundry latter. I have a nephew who did not get clipped and my sister is a nurse, so the whole thing about not pulling back the foreskin I don't think is true just have to be very careful when cleaning there and make sure it is dry. Since all the icky things like yeast and bacteria like warm wet places. And YES, boys can get yeast infections too. (another thing I did not know until it happened.) Don't worry too much just like your girls, boys do not come with a manual or directions. (although sometimes I wish they did. LOL.) My boys are now 8 and 4 the thing that I thinks bothers me the most is that they some times think it is funny with normal body sounds and to hang onto their penises and run around. I don't know why but I think it is because it hangs out there unlike ours. I laughed when my 4yr. old discovered that he could move it without his hands and that it got bigger. He had to share it with me and his brother in the car as we were going threw a drive threw window, at the bank. She could hear everything he was telling me. It's a good thing that she herself had a little boy at one time too. ( we use to work together so it was all the funnier.) these are just some of the things that you can look forward too. when they are little I think most of it should be similar. I think it's when they get older that is going to be an issue for around here. Only because they are planners and schemers, when they want to cause trouble. I worry about the Girlfriend thing and teaching them to respect women, and how to treat them. I also worry about the whole fighting thing, ( I swear it's programed into them at some point.) I have never had a play gun in my home nor do I let them watch violent things on TV. yet both at some point or another have turned one of the toys into a gun or a weapon of some kind and they have been a good guy bad guy and every thing in between when playing. Good luck with your little boy you will be fine and do great. You figured out how to be a mom to two little girls, who I am sure have two different personalities your son will too and you will figure out what is best for your home. Funny thing is I heard the opposite about girls and they were the harder ones to raise. I think it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Theresa - posted on 03/21/2011




They will instruct you in the hospital how to clean the penis. It depends if you have him circed or not. If no one tells you ask the nurses. They have heard every question and will not think it's dumb of you to ask. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. My girl is only 2 and my boys are 15, 12 and 1. So far girl and boy isn't much different. Yes, boys sometimes pee when the diaper is off. The biggest thing is to keep the penis covered. get the clean diaper and the wipes all ready before you change the dirty diaper. pull the old one off, wipe clean, put the new one on. Try to keep a wipe thrown over hs penis. At least it keeps the pee from going all over. All 3 of boys have peed on me at least once, but it's really not that big of deal. Clean up, go change and it's over. It's not like they pee a ton. It'll be a few drips maybe a small wet spot on your clothes. As a mother of a baby at any given moment you have spitup on you, what's a little pee as well. :) At least the pee doesn't smell like it does as kids get older. Don't worry so much. At least they're easier as teens, not quite so moody. :)

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Laura - posted on 03/05/2013




Like someone said the cold air, can make them want to pee, but it doesn't happen everytime. Also someone mentioned pointing the pensis down, you want to make sure to do this for when the diaper is on, otherwise they will pee right out the top of the diaper.

Rachel - posted on 03/24/2011




It's REALLY not a problem! Yes, there are some minor differences in caring for a boy than a girl but a little education and lots of love and you'll be fine. It really does come naturally once they're in your arms.

Jessi - posted on 03/22/2011




haha yeh! all babies pee poop eat and cry- isnt that the truth! even my two girls were total opposites. i dont know why i let what my sil said get to me so much, but im not as worried anymore after reading your posts! i love hearing the little tidbits of advice though!! :)
ive already noticed the poor selection of clothes! its driving me nuts.

Carolyn - posted on 03/22/2011




Tina, you are not supposed to pull back the foreskin, there are glands and adhesions that keep the forskin attached to part of the penis, Forcibly retracting it will cause undue pain, possible infection and tearing of those adhesions which would otherwise come undone naturally as the child grows up and gets more frequent/ continued erections. Once the foreskin is retractable on its own, then... it can be retracted for cleaning without causing damage or harming.

feel free to look it up.

Jessi, you might get peed on, your couch migh get peed on, no biggie ! just point his penis down in the diaper as someone mentioned, and cover it with a cloth/wipe while changing.

the only frustration i have had as the mother of a boy is the piss poor selection in clothes ! it get so mad when I walk into a store and there are racks and racks after aisle and aisle of girls clothes, and there is maybe 20 % that amount of boys stuff.

relax and enjoy !

Jessi - posted on 03/22/2011




i am definitely NOT circumcising my son. so im hoping they WILL tell me at the hospital- but i doubt it. with my last there wasnt much time for any of that as i was home 12 hours after i had her.
thank you all for your kind words!! i know ill figure it out and everything, im just worried :)
thanks again!!

Karen - posted on 03/21/2011




I had 6 boys and was only peed on once maybe twice LOL. My guys are BUSY but because you have 2 girls first he might like to play tea party and color ( I can't get mine to sit still for 2 mins :P) Anyways, I think it's easier raising the boys 'cause they are not as emotional!!!! Holy Crap!! My little girl is turning 9 in a few months and I don't know how I'm gonna live through the next few years with her lol. If your little guy is anything like mine you'll have a whole collection of cars, bikes, riding toys, dump trucks...you get the picture. Don't worry so much about it. Babies are babies for the first year or so and it really depends on personalities. Have fun!

Laura - posted on 03/21/2011




What Theresa said. I also have to keep telling my boys to get their hands out of their pants cuz they like to play with it.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/21/2011




I wouldn't stress so much. I am sure you will be just as great a mom to your son as you are to your daughters. All these worries will melt away when you gaze onto his adorable little face. Just do your best..he won't remember lol

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