i dont know if i can do this any longer!a kid i didnt know about

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i have 2 kids ages 6 n 8 both same father my bf has an 8 yrs old son i have accepted long story but i knew my bf since hs . we started dating our kids loved each other we ended up living together and had a child . Before we moved in together we had a brake up (he told me but no details)for 2 months he conceived a child during that time but no one knew until my son was born the girl contacted him on facebook saying he has an yr old daughter ! im having trouble accepting this i feel it messes with my pride and embarrassed i love this guy but how or will it even work if i feel such anger and dont want to accept a child i never knew was involved? im so depressed


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What happened with Baby #4? Did you decide to carry the baby or terminate the pregnancy? And you're still with the same guy? Are you still having unprotected sex?

You need counseling to start making better decisions and (if you're staying with this guy) figure out how to help him with his other children. That's what people have been telling you for the last 10 months since your first post about the father of your third child finding out he had a daughter with a different woman. If you can't get over it, then leave him and get custody/visitation and child support filed in court for how many ever children you have with him, then move on with your life.

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I agree with the others. You knew when you broke up that anything could have happened. And it did. Of course it is hard to hear that he has a child with someone else but he has an obligation to help raise this child and needs to be able to have a relationship. This child did not ask to be born and it is not the child's fault that things are as they are. You can not blame the poor thing for her parents' actions. She is a part of his world just as your child with him is. Get counseling for the help you need to deal with this and then deal with it. She is going to be there for the rest of his life and she is a sibling to your child you had with him. He is going to have to pay child support and get visitation hopfully with this one too. This situation happens all the time and I see a lot of posts like this one.

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You were broken up. You needed to expect anything.

Don't blame the kid...

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