I dont know my son

Bonnie - posted on 03/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have never fealt so distant to my son than I do right now. He is twenty one on april 12th. I have given him so much throughout his young life. I wanted him to have what I did'nt. Yes he feels entitled and it is my fault. I guess I just do not understand why he is so angry with me when I discipline his younger sibling who is ten years younger. He tries to correct me while I am parenting my daughter and proceeds to tell me how I should not correct her when she is being disrespectful to me. He tried to correct me two days in a row and by the second day I could not handle his educated opinion any more. We were playing a game in our living room and he attempted to correct me as i disciplined his sibling. I proceeded to ask him to go to his room so that I could speak to him. When he came into his room I proceeded to tell him that I was the parent. He is my son and to not ever correct me on parenting. It angered him soo much he abruptly packed his bags to go back to his dorm(springbreak) and said I'm leaving mom. your acting like a dumbass.I did'nt buckle in my statement I stuck to my statement because I am right and I know that. It is my responsibility to parent my daughter and if at ten years old she starts disrespecting me then what am I going to do in her teenage years. I have to get handle on it.I am soo in shock about my sons behavior that I do not even know who this person is. Honestly, It would be somewhat easy to make the peace and let him give me his knowledgeable parenting experience to me and thank him for the help but it really completely angered me that he would disrespect me as he did. Not sure who this kid is anymore.Is there any good advise any of you moms out there could give me to help me try to get bottom of this. Later than same night I texted my son. I will love you and always love you and I think there is more to this than just what you said and I am here to confide in if you need to. and you will always have a home with me.I then was called and told no there isnt anything else except my parenting toward my daughter and hung up on by him and he is not talking to me. What should I do? Someone tell me what they think.


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Raye - posted on 03/24/2015




You are the parent, and he should not be correcting you in front of your daughter. If he has advice he thinks would be helpful, then he should speak to you privately (and respectfully). But, ultimately it is your decision how to raise your child. He's an adult, and if he chooses not to stay at your home, then that's his choice and you should not feel guilty about it.

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