i dont know what to do with my 4 1/2 year old son, andimcgill2012@hotmail.com

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my son hits, kicks, punches, headbutts, says he hates me. he has a bad temper and he is refusing to get himself dressed for school and get ready to go to the school but

i have to carry him, his coat, boots and hat and mitts and backpack out the door with him kicking and screaming

i dont know what to do anymore

please help me


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well your son is at the age of wanting to get away with things and he is testing you.. If he kicks, punches and all..then you need to start disaplining him.. spank his rear end and show him that you love him, but he cannot do that.. If you dont take him into hand now.. and he is doing it..he is going to continue to do it and be worse when he gets older..

Chealita - posted on 12/06/2012




This is what i would do but i know some moms will disagree. I will apologize now if what i have to say offends anyone. when he violates your personal space with violene hit him back. Child or not he does not have the right to hit you. If you let him get away with it now he will continue to hit you later.

My oldest did the i cant get dressed or walk thing when we had to leave. So what i did was wake up earlier did my morning routine as usual then i would tell my son we had to go and then i would tell him if he is not ready when im about to walk out the doo then he could stay at home but i was still leaving. (of course i wasnt but thats not the point) when he still wasnt ready and threw fits and tantrums i would grab my purse and tell him since hes not ready hes not going only children who are dressed and ready can go. Then i would walk out the door and lock it. I would start my car then i would wait a few minutes (i sat in my car with a book for about 10 minutes which is why i got up earlier so that i would not be late for my obligations) then i would go back in the house. My son would still be crying but he was ready and would run out the door before i could leave him again. It took that one time and he was good it took my nephew a few days =) but it worked.

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