i dont know what to do with my baby daddy

Karla - posted on 10/28/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi my name is karla i have a baby girl she will be turning 4 months next month. I just turnded 20 years old , im a single mother. My babys dad was never around through my whole pregnancy i was treated like shit i still ask myself how did i keep up with all of that ? he cheated and theres even another girl that claims to be pregnant by him it was a night one stand. He put me through alot of stress , it came to the point where he threatned me after that he decided to tell his family they were there the last 2 months. All he ever did was fight with me, all he cared about was selling drugs and having sex with girls he is 19 and he still messing around with younger girls without unprotected sex to this point he still is. I do everything on my own , i live with my dad but he doesnt know about babys im still learning things each day. My babys father was in the delivery room , he helped me the whole week i was in the hospital and came around the first few weekends until i decided to not let him stay over. He stank the whole hospital room smelling like smoke the same few weeks he would try to hold our daughter smelling like smoke even after hearing the doctor saying not to get her near smoking places. He stopped coming for a while then back again when he moved back with his mom they would come every friday we got back together and lasted for about 2 weeks until i found out he was lying about not getting a 17 year old pregnant and talking to girls after that he came for about 2 more weeks we didnt talk at all the last time i saw him i wanted to talk and eventho his mom made him we did have a long conversation. we decided to try it one last time but 2 days later said he needed time and found out he didnt want to be together to be with a 16 year old after that they both started talking shit to me he decided to go off on me telling me im a bad mother and everything you can imagine i have his yahoo i found out when he cheats and now know he is drug dealing also how he wants me dead and wish i was dead. My family has always support me, his family was very upset after i told him i didnt want him around us until he decides to grow up and act like a man. I felt a lil pressured by his mom she wants him to be there no matter what and for me to be by his side all the time, she thinks by doing this im putting my child in between, she thinks its a lil thing. I used to be so stressed and to this point i still get upset because i dont let him see my daughter but on the other hand i dont want her growing up with someone negative and immature like him i have a feeling she will get hurt more knowing how she is. All he has done lately is try to talk down on me, he lies too much about things. i know he doesnt want to be with me or even cares thats what it seems, he says he doesnt want to hurt me but thats all he does/ He even tells people how he hates me and wish i was gone. Him and his mom wanted to take things to court after he start working so he can take her too but i do not trust him at all, i dont want my baby through and danger or any random girls. According to him he wants to work something out because he has a really bad record and even been caught up with drugs but i think his mom will tell him to do it . Today he called me asking me to give him another chance with his daughter and be friends so we could work something out but i dont know what to do or think i dont want to keep making bad mistakes, my father does not want him here specially if he just comes and judges me when he doesnt even work or bring her anything. i have proof of alot of things even saved messages would that be helpful to get supervised visitation? i dont want to go through more things i dont know if i should trust him or give him another try because i fell the same thing will repeat, alot of people are on my side and think im doing the right thing by not letting him see our daughter and after this call im over thinking i dont know what to do anymore. can anybody give me their advice? im sorry if its alot and didnt make sence im typing this fast

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