I dont want or feel like having sex ever again.....

Stacey - posted on 11/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a beautiful 1 year old son and love him more than anything in the world but since finding out i was pregnant, things went down hill, espicially in my relationship...My partner starting getting emotionally/mentally abusive and after having bub i didnt want or feel like sex. But my partner was on the count down...6 wks, 4 wks, 2 wks, 2 days : "ok you can have sex now!!! like an impatient child!so i started giving after i could not take his nagging, subtle hints anymore. adding to that i had to deal with him being controlling, mean,abusive(not physical until it came to see where I'd give in to keep him happy or to save an argument) and on top of all that a new baby that grew into a child thats active and loves outdoors...But in the end it took my over a year to be strong enough leave.and i moved out for a week, I know some of you are saying a week...how stupid....should of left him for good, but in saying that, In that wk I did see him change and that he understood just how much he broke me....things are better now and its been 2 months, he quit his old job, is doing normal hours, spends time with us, helps cook (never cooked in his life) cleans the house more than once a wk, the only thing thats still hasnt gotten better is my sex drive....Its gone and I feel like im not ever goin to get it back....I have these thoughts though of seeing my ex (who lives in another town) just to see if i feel anything (sexually) towards him as I know for a fact that we didnt have any problems in that area... before i broke up with him 4 years ago.im confused and feel bad for thinking about my ex in that way but I want to fix "the sex" in my current relationship as I know my partner wants it (as all men do) and he's been waiting patiently waiting for the last 2-3 months but I just dont want to...at all! please give advise!


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Have your doctor check your hormone levels! It's easy to be 'out of whack' after pregnancy and birth.

good luck!

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