I emailed my landlord to ask for lower rent...

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He replied that he would consider it and get back to me within a day or two.

Is this a good or bad sign? Anyone else negotiate new rent during hard times? What was the result?

Any landlords out there been asked? How did you feel about your tenants after?


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I live in florida and rent is negotiable here if you're willing to ask =) So my lanlord got back to me finally! He agreed to lower it by $50 if we mow the yard of the property next door that his parent's own. Mixed feelings on the deal tho that yard is huge and we only have a push mower. The gas to mow it will also take away from our discount which isnt much =(

Nikki - posted on 04/18/2011




Another Aussie! We are trying to find a house at the moment it is near impossible, we are having to offer more money to try and secure a house. I can't imagine any landlord in Aus lowering rent, unless they were a saint.

Charlie - posted on 04/18/2011




Ive never even heard of asking for rental discounts after leasing ! It would be great if they did that here but Like Emma it is more likely to go up once the lease is up mainly it depends on banks and repayments the landlord needs to make as interest rates rise , if they dont rise then generally they dont go up unless demand is high .

Stifler's - posted on 04/17/2011




I live in a mining town lol they know everyone can afford to pay insanely high rent so they put it up every 6/12 months.

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wow thats riduclas I have never heard of that... where do u live is it hard to find rentals there so they know renters will put up with increases?

Stifler's - posted on 04/17/2011




The real estate would laugh at me if I asked for cheaper rent. They put it up by 10 bucks a week every time we sign a new lease, luckily this time it was a 12 month lease.

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he is an attorney so i know he is busy and given that its the weekend i think im gonna give him a couple more days before asking again. He is a pretty nice guy I dont think he will have an issue with it but his wife is kinda mean so it really depends on how she feel about it i guess. I didnt ask him for a specific amount less so keep ur fingers crossed for me i hope we can stay.

Kim - posted on 04/17/2011




My friend asked her landlords and they reduced her rent by $300 per month. I have only negotiated on rent before I moved into a place. I don't think they would be offended and lots of times if you are good tenants they would rather reduce the rent than risk having bad ones move in. I would call your landlord back and say that you aren't trying to be pushy but you were wondering if he had thought about it and had an answer for you yet. Mention that you can no longer afford the rent but love living there and totally understand if he can't reduce it but you need to know soon because you will need to make plans for moving and such.

Sabra - posted on 04/14/2011




I think that's a good sign. If you think its overpriced then do your research and show it to your landlord. If you have been a good tenant (paying bills on time, being respectful or the property, etc.) then there is a chance he will lower the price to avoid the hassle of finding a new tenant and risking having to lower the price anyways.

Good luck let us know how it goes

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In our case we really cant afford to stay at our current rent anymore. Also we know our place is over priced its very small and we could find a similar place for a couple hundred less and that adds up over a year. We are so happy and settled we figured we would ask then decide if moving is still necessary.

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The average monthly rent in my neighborhood is $1600 - and that's including all floor plans. If you want to break down the floor plans, the average for ours is $1800 pe rmonth. It's crazy expensive, but it's a great neighborhood in the best school district around, so we snatched the opportunity to live here for only $1100 (soon to be $1200) per month!

We could go to a cheaper house for around $1000 per month, but why would we when we're getting such a great deal in a fantastic school district?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/14/2011




I think if he is considering it, it may be a good thing. He could have just said "no".

Candice - posted on 04/14/2011




yup, i'll consider it is way better than NO. Good on you for having the guts to ask!

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I'd say it's a good sign that he didn't immediately get offended and said he'd consider it :)

Our landlord had to raise our rent this year (only by $100 per month) because he was unable to claim the rent on taxes because he was charging us way less than the going rate in our neighborhood (at least that's the excuse he gave us! lol). We're still paying way less than all our neighbors though, so we're not complaining (of course, our landlord is the brother-in-law of my hubby's best friend, who is like family to us).

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