I failed to do a partenity test???

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So I get welfare and they asked me along time ago who was the father I said a guy name C*** and he ia getting charged from the child support... but he is not the father after all this other guy claims he is the father and summons me and I was court orderd to do sum paper work and go get the parenity test...what happens if I dont do so??? The other guy is not on the birth cerificate and hasnt seen my daughter but once a couple times in 4 years what if I miss the court??


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You will be in contempt of court if the paternity test is court ordered. You know what that means? You could pay a hefty fine and go to jail. These men have every right to know who the father is. So does your child.

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well, I would certainly hope you still have time. This is not about "confusing your child" It is about making sure the responsible party pays support, and the party that is not responsible not paying support for someone that they had no biological relationship to.

And, quite honestly, if the 'other guy' is the father, he has every right to request proof of paternity, as well as visitation/custody arrangements in addition to support arrangements.

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You'll be charged for not appearing to a summons. You'll most likely have a fine, possibly jail time, and forced compliance.

So, what you're really saying is that you've been falsely charging one person for support, while another would like to accept responsibility? Good grief. Go get the test done. The one who IS NOT the father would probably appreciate not having to spend money on a kid that isn't his.

But, seriously??? I can't even believe that you are contemplating going against a court order! Pretty stupid idea, IMHO.


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talk to a local attorney. You are dealing with your kid and you need to either find some money for a consultation or contact legal services.

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As Shawnn stated, you will be held in contempt of court. Depending on how the judge feels about your actions and what he believes to be the reason(s) for them, you can one or all the things Shawnn mentioned, as well. If you want your court date extended I suggest you ask your attorney. A group of moms from around the world is not going to be able to get that done for you.

Does your court order tell you where you need to get the DNA test done? At least go and have the test done before your court date. Get a document proving that you had the test done so even if the results aren't back yet, it'll at least be a show of good faith.

What's going to be confusing for your daughter is 5 or 10 years from now when she has no father figure because you've run them all off with your game playing and someone does tell her the truth and she says, "Well, why didn't my mom just tell me this stuff?" Well, honey, the judge told her to when you were 4 but she didn't want to confuse you...you understand, don't you? Yah, good luck with that.

Try being honest with somebody at some point. Your daughter and her father have the right to know one another and each person, including you, needs to be held responsible for his/her actions. There is a child involved and now so is the law, it's time to grow up and do the right things.

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They both know whats going on my ex just doesn't want to do the dna test cause he doesnt care..... the other guy after 4 years wants to see my lil girl I dont know what to do I dont want her to be confused... I just need some real honest advice my court is aug 16 do I still have time to do the parenity test

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