I feel depressed what should I do ?

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I use to live with my babys dad at his parents house I lasted 4 months there his mother was too controlling she would tell my ex that I don't even clean when I did.. he would always make me feel bad saying your never going to find someone because ur fat and have stretch marks... he sometimes showed he did love me.. but his whole family went too a family event without my son & I well I had too work but they should of told me ahead of time.. we got in an argument about it he then talked baf anout my family and I pushed him but he then punched me then he's mom was yelling at me saying are u crazy and saying mean things his sons motto is if ur going to act like a man ill treat u like one his mom said next time u hit him hell just beat u up I left with my son the nexy day to my moms my ex didn't want too come but I called him and he then decided to live with me I knew I kind of lost my love for hIm but I still wanted my family. .. my birthday came up he bought me flowers and the next day he left me he said I'm a bad mom and that I'm never going too make It too college when he knows I got a $3000 scholarship... I told him ur going to regret this later he said no its the best decision I have ever made leaving u he said I never hit a gitl in my life but u because u ptovoked me he then left the next day he texted me saying hey can we spent thanksgiving together with your family as if nothing ever happenf he treated me bad before he left I said no ! Then he asked again I still said no.. I feel depressed ....


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That is sick, you need to stay away from him and his family. He's obviously mentally and physically abusive and you and your son don't need that in your life. He needs help too because someone that says "I'll beat you up" one minute and says "let's spend the day together" the next minute needs medication.
Not to mention his self esteem is so low and he is so insecure that he has to call you fat and point out your stretch marks...
Well for one we are women that were built to have babies, we were built to store fat during pregnancy, it's life and if he didnt know that he needs to go back to school and learn a few things lol. And stretchmarks are nothing, I have a little bit and they don't go away but they fade so I'm okay with them. I just see them as my little memories because if I didn't have them that means I wouldn't have had my kids :)
You'll be able to find someone better trust me. Again, guys that are mentally abusive and insecure want to bring you down along with them so they want to destroy any amount of self esteem and confidence you have so boo on him, after your babies needs are taken care of and if you have a little bit of money left over go get a haircut, do your make up, buy a cheap but nice outfit and have fun. It's nice to treat yourself once in a while just don't turn into a monster like a lot of women do.
And I hope he will be paying you child support, it's the law.

Really though if depression doesn't subside then see a doctor and a councillor.

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