I feel like a hick when I go to websites like whattoexpect, thebump, etc :(

Corinne - posted on 07/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




All of these pregnancy/parenting sites seem like their targeting people that A) have the money to buy stupid things that are mainly for fashion or in someone's mind more convienent and B) have had VERY little experience with babies. I am the oldest child out of three siblings and the oldest grandchild out of 10 grandkids. We have all been raised very close and the older kids were expected to help with the babies as much as possible. I knew how to hold a baby correctly at 5 and could change a baby like any mother at 9. We all lived by what was absolutely needed and a lot was hand me downs (which was fine by all of us).
I feel like I was raised by the old lady that lived in the shoe reading some of these articles... "How to get over the fear of 'breaking baby"? Is this serious??? Am I missing the same kind of websites but are more realistic or is this just how America is with parenting now?
Don't get me wrong, as we all got older and my dad finally finished school we moved on past the hand me down phase and lived a pretty comfortable life. But that's how I thought it was supposed to be: the younger the kids the less you have to go around.
They don't know the difference between name brand and Payless shoes, they just know they got new shoes. AND theirs light up unlike the little Jordans some kids are rocking on the playground.


Jodi - posted on 07/14/2012




It's called advertising and sponsorship. It's how these websites survive. And not everyone has a houseful of younger siblings or any siblings at all for that matter. There have always been mothers who need answers to really basic questions. Just because you don't, and many others don't, doesn't mean there aren't mothers out there who need some help. Should these sites only cater to the interests of people who have experience with babies?

And just for the reference, those providing advertising and sponsorship do very well out of grooming the really inexperienced mothers and making them think they need things that they don't. Capitalism, ain't it grand? But there have also ALWAYS been inexperienced mothers who are easy to convince to buy shit they don't need.

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