I feel like I can't trust my Baby's father to take care of my 9-month old. I am losing it?

Kelsey - posted on 01/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My baby's father and I broke up about six months ago. Now, I'll start at the beginning. When my baby was a newborn; his father really wanted nothing to do with him. He would rather let my son cry in his crib than hold him because he was too busy text messaging other girls (That was part of the reason why he's now an ex). He wouldn't change any diapers and he wouldn't help me put the baby to bed (He told me it was my job). My baby's father would hand off my son to me when he was fussy. The main reason why we broke up was because of different parenting styles (and money). My baby's father was raised on CIO and it shows. I was not raised that way and I wouldn't/couldn't sit by listening to my newborn screaming his lungs out. I know that CIO isn't necessarily "screaming bloody murder" but that's what my baby's father believes. Then again, this is coming from the man who said I should stop breastfeeding because I'm using it as a control method and people have been using formula for millions of years. That was also the last straw. Now, I feel like I can't trust my baby's father to even meet a minuscule of a need for the baby just because his anti-BF when he was all gung ho about it in the beginning. Whether it's feeding or changing diaper; he makes it seem like it's so hard to care for a baby for 8 hours. A 9 month old isn't difficult to take care of; I do it 27/4. I so desperately want to spare my baby boy from the dreaded CIO but I feel helpless.

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