i feel like im losing it

Sarah - posted on 10/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




i was with my ex boyfriend for only 3 months before i got pregnant so we stayed in a relationship he was ther ethe whole time i was pregnant but he never bought not one single thing for her threre weeks before i had my daughter i found out evertything about him was a lie he lied about his name him ever being married having children everything now my daughter is a month and a half hes only gsve me 40 dollars hes only seen her twice he never signed the birth certificate he didnt come to the hospital he lied about everything i feel like my whole world has ended he doesnt answer my phone call or texts barely i tried to even stsy in the relationship after i found out everything im having a hard time coping being a single mother i feel its unfair what he has done i feel very damaged depressed lonely sad alot i dont feel its fair he gets to walk around freely with no responsibility


Joann - posted on 10/10/2013




Hi Sarah, my name is Joann. I understand how you feel about being unfair. My only advice to you is move on. Don't waste anymore of your energy trying to make him responsible cuz it usually doesn't happen most of the time. If you know his real name or address, you can file for child support even he sign the birth certificate or not. I know it's not fair for us. I really hate it too. I just want to scream and cry "it's not fair". I was with the father of my child for 2 years before I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. He was supportive at first and promise to help out but after a month and a half after my baby was born he dump me. He never help me financially and I mean zero dollars and hardly been there for my daughter. When he comes and visit her..I get all choked up cuz I wanted to slap him cuz it's not fair but I try really hard not to for the sake of my daughter. It's really not fair to us but no matter how many times we tell them they just tend to ignore us. Respect and love your daughter and leave him behind or else there's nothing gonna happen if you don't. Be strong for your daughter and just keep telling yourself that you can do it. We both made a mistake having a baby with irresponsible people, we have to realize our mistake and move on for your sake and for the sake of our kid.

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