I feel like my boyfriend/child's father is around only because we have a child together. Is this good or bad?

Pamela - posted on 02/17/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My boyfriend and I began to have problems before our child was born. We often had issues with trust. I felt as though I could not trust him which led to me searching for proof of dishonesty. I have in the past found proof of possible cheating. We dated two years before the birth of our child. The first two years after our child was born was the worst with our relationship. He loves his daughter VERY MUCH! That is no question. However, the question is figuring out exactly where we stand as a couple. After I felt as though our relationship reached it's limit, I decided to end the relationship. Despite our numerous conversation on working things out, it seemed hopeless. I was tired of feeling sad and not appreciated. I felt as though he had no interest in me. We never went out on dates, we spent no time together outside of our home, he hung out with his friends EXCESSIVELY, many times he would seem to leave as soon as I got home, and sex was always an issue because he felt it did not happen enough. There was a great level of disrepect that I could no longer ignore. These things led me to believe he had found interest elsewhere. He moved out and our break up was really bad, but after a couple of months we began to converse more and try to rebuild a friendship. A year after the break up I asked about the status of our relationship. We decided to give it another try, but we still live separate. I still feel as though he is not 100% in the relationship. A part of me feels like he is hanging on only because we have a child together and he wants to work things out only for our child and not for us. I love my baby very much but don't feel like I have to be with the father because we have a child together. I feel like I want to give up but not too soon. Also, I am 31 and he is 29. He has mentioned that he does not want anyone else raising his child. Please give advice!

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