I feel like such a lousy mom!!!

Raquel - posted on 05/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi! I have posted on here many times before and have gotten some really great advice from some really great moms, so I feel comfortable just ranting. Lately I have felt like the worst mother. My daughter is 3 and extremely independent. I love her to peices. But lately I feel like no matter what decisions I make for her, I am making the wrong ones. I am constantly second guessing myself and I am extremely hard on myself as a mom. I come from a divorced home and I had to leave my house every other weekend to go stay with my father. I hated that!!!! I used to get very depressed growing up every time I had to leave my own home. Sometimes I feel so good that my daughter does not have to go through that. My daughter gets to sleep in her own bed every night and does not need to leave it every other weekend. I feel that just for that I am providing my daughter with a better life than I had. Isn't that what every parent wants for their child? Then why do I always feel like I am doing it wrong? I constantly feel like I am making mistake after mistake. My daughter is extremely happy, so maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. Lately all I want to do is cry every time I have to make a decision that involves my daughter because I always think, that no matter what decision I make, it's the wrong one. I used to have a lot more confidence in myself, but ever since becoming a mother, I second guess everything. Do any other mothers feel like this? Is it just me or is being a mom just really hard? Sorry for the long rant, but I could really use the supprt of other mothers. My friends who have kids seem to have it all together. When I talk to them, they just don't seem to understand.


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Raquel, my favorite saying is "If you constantly worry that you're not doing it right, then that means you're an excellent parent".

In other words, if you have a happy kiddo, and you're doing everything you can, but are still second guessing yourself, you're doing just fine! I worried the same way...but I'm on the other side now, my kids are both almost grown, and they're happy, well mannered, well respected and well adjusted young men.

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