I feel my grown daughter is making the biggest mistake of her life

MARY - posted on 09/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is 22 years old has a two year old child, and has no initiative what so ever to get out and do anything positive with her life. I have paid for her school, bought her a car to have transportation once the baby came, because the deadbeat father wasn't helping. I have started taking care of the baby to give her the opportunity to go out and search for work, and mainly because I didn't like the babies appearance, that he wasn't eating right, or the smell of smoke all over him. I have spent so much money trying to help her jump start her life, not just for her but for my grand baby as well because I couldn't stand by and see the baby suffer. she still doesn't have a job, I ask her constantly is she looking for one, the answer is always, I'm looking. now she tells me she is moving with this other guy that I have heard rumors, is a street pharmacist, and have recently gotten out of prison!! I have not been able to sleep I have tried to talk to her to tell her that I don't feel that this is the best thing for her to do. And that she needs to focus on getting a job and raising her child first. but she insist that he is so good to her, and I haven't seen that. I am so afraid for her. what can I do?


Nelida - posted on 09/18/2013




Hi there .... Well my advise is that you take legal custody of your grand baby until she gets her life together cuz that's not healthy for a child to be smelling like cigars or not eating right it's better you do this befor someone reports to cvs and takes your grand baby away ... And the rumors about this new guy are just rumors so don't believe until you see .... She's your daughter and you are a very very nice mother I'm glad to hear she has your soport but she has to know that the soport won't always be there she already an adult she should start acting like one !

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