I feel so alone to the point that my support circle has grown exhausted! I need advice my adult son is an addict.

Michelle - posted on 08/18/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My oldest son who is 25 had admitted to me of using opiates to the point of injection. He cried out on my wedding night two years ago. Of course I was devastated & felt I am to blame. Ya know all the should of could of done this better than maybe he wouldn't got to this point. Honestly, I was in denial how could my first born do this to himself? Even persuaded myself to thinking he is not that bad off because we all have the image of what a heroin addict is supposed to look like, right? Moved him back home & he convinced me that methadone is a really good program to recovery. Yes it did helped but there were many side effects that concerned me. After year he couldn't afford the treatment due to losing his job. So I nursed him during the withdrawal which took about 3 weeks of hell. To date, I thought we was making progress & I started to trust him again. He was speaking of bettering his life ect... until last Friday I had him put gas in my car but it slipping my mind to get my debit card back. So today, Monday I went to pay & no card. I looked everywhere & retracing when I last had it. I check my account & there were charges made I didn't recognize. What gets me the most is I never thought my son would never take money from me. I rushed home to ask if he had my card in disbelief he reached in his pocket & pulled it out. My heart was crushed as im showing him the ATM withdraws made. Yes he still remember my pin # from when he was a kid. He denied, denied, denied! There was no turning the check to this because there were no others to blame he had my card in his pocket! He stole money from me after all I've done to help him. He never admitted it but did admit of taking 8 xanax bars & dont remember. He even said to me why am I so mad when he would of never do that if he wasn't all screwed up. Really! Then he begin to blame me for his actions that I have no room to judge when I take pills. He knew the name of the antidepressants that my doctor prescribed to me. I never spoke of taking meds & I hid them I thought well. Im so lost to what to do, how can I live like this, do I kick him out & worry if he's alive? Please if there's anyone who can give me advice please respond or who just understands what I am going through thanks.

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