I feel trapped.

Marie - posted on 01/26/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My oldest is almost four years old. He doesn't listen the anything I ask him to do. He's constantly taking things from his younger brother, constantly hurting him. He very rarely plays with toys, he usually just dumps the toys out and and tosses them across the house. Trying to get him to help pick up toys is a nightmare. He has to constantly mess with things that he knows he's not suppose to. I have to watch him all day everyday, because he is either messing with something he's not suppose to, breaking something, or hurting his brother. I am miserable almost every minute that he is around. I am a great mom. I know this because my younger son is obedient, smart, when he is over at his grandparents house. They are constantly telling me that Zachary was such a delight. He is so smart. Very helpful. Adam on the other hand goes from one thing to the next breaking things, messing with things he's not suppose to, to the point where his own grandparents don't want him over because they can't handle him. Daycare is out of the question. He's already been kicked out if daycare, for hurting other children. I hate going mom meet up groups because I don't get to spend any time visiting with other moms because he is either hurting someone, or taking toys from other kids, or taking off. It is so hard to find a babysitter because they know how difficult Adam is. I feel like I can't ever catch a brea. I love my son, and occasionally I do have joyful moments with Adam; but I just can't handle him anymore. What do I do?

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