I find myself having to spank my kids


Jodi - posted on 07/10/2016




Another one? What is it about the northern hemisphere summer that brings out all these people needing to spank their kids?

Stop hitting your children. There are better ways to manage their behaviour without violence. If you are in a position where you "find yourself having to spank your children", the chances are you are doing it out of frustration and anger. You need to focus on how to remain calm and provide logical consequences to your children. Hitting is never a logical consequence to any behaviour.

Nadine - posted on 07/11/2016




I strongly doubt that you have to. That is simply how you react out of frustration or anger. There are so many different ways to parent, yet you choose the one, how you were probably raised. Spanking is not an effective form of discipline. If it was, you would not find yourself having to keep doing it.


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Dove - posted on 07/10/2016




A parent that has to spank their kids either 1) doesn't know any better, 2) doesn't care to do any better, or 3) is frustrated w/ their child and doesn't know what to do and needs help.

If you identify which of the 3 categories you fit into and can give us a bit more info (like age of kids, what they are doing, and what ELSE you have done to correct the behavior)... perhaps we can give decent responses.

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