I found this to be extremely helpful in talking to my kids about Santa and wanted to get your thoughts and additional advice

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This is an article I found on Reddit and I liked it so much that I decided to share. It really helped me to think about approaching the "Santa talk" in a new way. I hope you also enjoy and tell me your thoughts like do you also think this is this good advice or do you have any additional ideas :) http://guardianlv.com/2013/12/kids-askin...


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I guess we never thought about it. From the time my kids were old enough to understand that the season is about celebrating the birth of Christ, and being kind and generous to your fellow human, the question of "is santa real" has never come up.

But, we believe in our family that santa is another form of the spirit of the season. Santa gives. Santa makes sure that he does not discriminate. He promotes kindness and good feelings, and in the reality that is Christmas, we are ALL santa in some way, shape, or form. So in our family, santa IS real. And, in our family, santa lasts all year, through volunteering in the community, sharing with those less fortunate, and in general trying to improve the lot of our fellow humans. As a matter of fact, I just realized last night how much my kids still believe, and they're 19 & 16. My eldest proudly showed up for dinner (he no longer lives at home) waving his angel from the angel tree...and told me not to worry about picking him a family to help this year, he already had his! (We always pick at least 2 families from the angel tree every year)

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