I gave my baby up for adoption a lil bit ago

Megz - posted on 11/01/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi my name is meg and I am a mom sorry I gave my baby skin I'm almost years ago it will be fierce and change anyway thank you for her way to my cousin who has been a mother to me and who wanted a baby so badly and I'm a young women that I got.pregnant at 21&the dad was not a good man who was not a good guy literally shit hello I only dated for a little time and Anetan level
Who now after almost 2 years hates me and he took care of me wants pregnant I was told I could not get pregnant never and I never had a period no matter what the doctors dead I saw fertility specialist since the time I was 16 they could never get me to menstruate never and when I got pregnant I knew but I couldn't believe it! I found out at five weeks and I careful so careful when I took the test I took three testing a row at night and it all came back positive and I never ever ever considered keeping her for one because I couldn't have her don't think I didn't want her I did but I didn't allow myself to think I could Even tho I loved love her love her bit also because I knew that she does deserve her so much better than me not because I was a bad person or that I don't wanna be a mom I do and I love children and actually I am a Nanny and baby concierge and I am a pre school teacher and I teach kids club extra...I am going to school soon to be a nurse anesthetist hopefully if I can afford imto to back long story,, & because I didn't have my life together I couldn't keep her she deserved so much better because I had such a horrible childhood and life& had been raised so horribly but it hurfs


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Rules for making an easily-understood post:

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* It's probably better not to use a phone for making posts on Internet Chat Forums - unless those posts are very short.

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* Do not use the word "literally" when you're speaking figuratively or metaphorically. Do not use ANY word you don't know the meaning of. If your child's father was "literally shit" he would not be a living, breathing human being. He certainly wouldn't have been able to get you pregnant!

* Describe things in the order they happened.

Then other people can understand what you have to say and what you're asking so much better and can comment more effectively.

Jodi - posted on 11/02/2013




Did you have a question of some sort? Sorry, but your post is very hard to read and understand. Is English your first language?

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