I gave my preemie a banana and now he is throwing up black seeds anyone have any experience with this?

Lauren - posted on 07/24/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 24 weeker, he was born Nov 15 2010 but was due March 2, 2011. We were in a NICU for 4 months before coming home. He is now 8 months 4 adjusted. His main problem is feeding. He is still on a feeding tube for aspiration. His last swallow study done just this week proved that at least for the first ounce of breastmilk (he can't breastfeed but I pump like crazy) he is not aspirating anymore. We still have to use the tube though because he can't take in the volume of milk he needs in a day. we are still catching up on the weight. He was born at 1.10 ounces and is now 14. We are really proud of that. Now we are offering him a bottle at every feeding he takes around 30 cc or one ounce each time we put the rest through the ng tube. The doctors have been pushing for us to start solids asap because it has proven to help develop the swallow, and add to weight gain which is a constant focus. Allow scared to do so last friday with our feeding therapist we gave him a bit of banana. He loved it, but since then there have been problems. I didn't even realize there were so many seeds in a banana. He has thrown up little black seeds several times, even yesterday he did and it has been over a week since he was given the banana. His poop seems a bit runny and I am afraid after all we have been through I have now messed something up. I called our gi specialist and he said to call back in a week if it persist. Does any mom out there have any experience with such a thing. Some times I feel so alone in this. My husband is great but we all know it is ultimately up to us moms. Please any thoughts.

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