I give up. I succumb to the life of a single mom. vent.

Lalala - posted on 05/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I don't even try and fight the stigma of the single mom anymore. I tried very hard until I fully realized that there is a valid reason that there is a stigma on single mothers because (drum roll) ITS HARD. Life is going to be extremely hard when you have a child. SO, VERY, VERY, VERY HARD for the child AND YOU. I am a single TEEN mom at that. I had my daughter at 16 years old and now am 31 and my daughter is 15 and goddamnit its even harder when they are teenagers. When you're a single mom, you're just screwed and you might as well just accept it or you will drive yourself absolutely insane like I did trying to fight it. Everything from life, work, living, depending on everyone for help, worrying about your child all the time, no one to share that burden with, always avoiding the "stare" you get from other people becaue they look at you as a drain in society. Losing all of your friends, the friends you do wind up keeping always look down on you. Black sheep. The poor single mom. Your family loses all respect for you and if they were dysfuctional before, it gets even worse later. When it comes to men/relationships, you will always get the bottom of the barrel unless you are extremely lucky. I'm sorry if this offends some people because I know I will get a few angry comments but I am not going to be fake or not say how I really feel just to appease everyone. This is just my opinion. this is how my life went and instead of trying to deny it, which is impossible, I just accept and pray for the best that one day, I will win at somthing big. I doubt it will happen, because I always lose because again I am the perputal "single mom". brighter side of things, my daughter will be 18 in a couple of years so, things should get a lot easier hopefully. If she manages not to get pregnant , graduates highschool and goes to college, then that will be a MAJOR win for me so i can say poop on your single mom statistics Dr. Drew! and I will get great joy out of that, IF that happens. I am nowhere near cocky enough to even let myself think for a second that will happen, I'm just saying that would be really, REALLY nice. Forget about everything else. Even if its just NOT getting pregnant as a teenager, I would think that is a VERY great accomplishment. Education can come in different ways such as GED or Trade school. So, as long as she doesnt get pregnant, before the age of 21, then I did one hell of a good job damnit in my eyes. That would be the an awesome reward at the end of everything I had to go through as a single mom because they say that all single moms will have children that are single/teen moms or dads and I would really like to SQUASH that statistic right in their faces. Especially Dr. Drews!


Louise - posted on 05/05/2012




Well good for you! Sod it to every one! All I can say is you deserve a bit luck in your life. When your daughter meets a fella that she likes and things are getting serious get her down the doctors and have a five year implant put in! Problem and worry solved!!!

I hope life pans out for you. They say life begins at forty! Go and enjoy yours!

PS. If you meet a nice fella, then you had better have the implant too or your back to square one!

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