I got a complaint note about my child

Rebecca - posted on 01/30/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter went on a high school tour that is on her catchment area for Grade 7 students, (K-7 is elementary at our area, and 8-12 is high school) and I got a complaint note from an SSW(Student Support Worker). The teacher wasn't w/ them because she had an emergency, so a sub and the SSW took the kids. Many other schools were at the high school, and the main reason why my daughter was getting a note was for communication. She waved at those other kids not from her current school, and the SSW told her not to because she said it was really inappropriate for her to be waving at strangers. Some older high schoolers volunteered to guide the seventh graders around, and they looked in classrooms where they welcome the tweens to come in. In the computer lab where 11th-12th graders work on Yearbook, some had said hi to my daughter and asked what high school she will be in next year, she started being friendly back to the older ones. She started talking to another girl who she knew because they used to go to school together, and students were friendly and joined in. The SSW, what my kid, explained "snuck up" on her and caught her talking. She said she was really disappointed in my child and it was her last warning and said it was very inappropriate for any child to say something like "she's annoying" and why she asked that question. She insisted she was talking about her brother when he bangs the door, but the SSW watches my child very closely during the whole tour. The worker said that the kids are there for have looks around the high school, not chatting with kids. My daughter has high-functioning autism, but she doesn't seem to have symptoms. She loves talking to people and socializing and her Facebook account. The note explained that my 13 y/o needs to know her boundaries. Although when I asked her what she was talking about, she swore it wasn't anything inappropriate. She said she was just saying hi because those older teens said hi, and that she does not want to get to high school with the older ones thinking she's rude and avoid her.


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Sounds like your daughter was only being polite and she got a complaint note for nothing the school systems now days disappoint me

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