I got my son father to the USA he is now a residence my son was 3 years I did it to give a chance to be with his son but it's been 6 years and he still has force child support they garnish his wages but now angel is 12 and he remarried this women doesn't let him buy him anything extra and angel don't like her and he don't look for my son I don't want no more child support and I would like him to keep away from my son am thinking of leaving the state but I don't want my son affected he got his friends his school what can I do


Jodi - posted on 02/15/2014




If he is having child support garnished from his wages (and I am assuming it is the court ordered child support), he is not obligated to pay for any extras. Child support is exactly that, the extent of your child support for your child.

What does your court order say about visitation? You generally can't just up and leave, as the father has rights too.

Just be aware that child support and visitation are treated as two separate issues in the courts, and just because you cancel a child support order doesn't mean you have cancelled the visitation rights too.

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