I guess it can happen to anybody

Sarah - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 2 children, my son is 3 almost 4 and my daughter is 8. Over the past month I have been completly stressed out and busy. At one point I had 2 jobs and only because my one was going to be remodeling so I kept the other one so I had a job when that happened. Well then my mom and my aunt got very sick (they are twins age 76) And where not able to do the everyday things. My mom was put in a nursing home for a short period of time but I was going in to my aunts 2-3 times a day along with work. It was to much so I had to quit one job. That seemed to help for a min but then I got word that my mom was going to be coming home. Now I have two of them to take care of which is very stressful along with working and doing the basic everyday stuff a mother needs to do. (I am 26) Anyways yesterday was the day my mom was coming home. It was Saturday and I had off but had tons to do. My day started off by having to work the food booth at the football feild from 9-11 and then I had to go home and get my son and boyfriend so we could move my mom and aunts bed downstairs. Since they cant do steps. Everything was going ok but my boyfriend was sick. My daughter was at her fathers house and he was suppose to take her to her football game at 2. (she is a cheerleader). Well he called to tell me she was sick and he was not going to take her. My son was full of energy like always and my friend helps out with the team and my boyfriends son also plays on the team that she cheers for so I decided I would go anyways. Just so my son could burn off some energy. My boyfriend decided that he was to sick and didnt want to go so I decided to just go and take my son. On the way my mind was filled with stress over my daughter being sick and my mom coming home and how I was going to handle it. I got to the game and everything seemed normal. I saw my boyfriends son and went over to talk with my friend and support the team. Then there was an announcement made that there was a child left in a car. I said how can someone be so stupid to forget their child in the car. Then my heart dropped. I was that stupid. How could I forget my son? I rushed over towards my car when I saw my boyfriends ex carrying him. He was crying and sweating but he was fine. I held onto him and all I could do is cry and tell him how sorry I was. I felt like dying. It was the walk of shame as I carried him while I cry back over to my friend.I have heard of this happening this summer in the town where I live and we always say how stupid the parents are and that they are probably on drugs. How can you forget your own kid? I have said I couldnt forget mine even if I tryed. Well somehow I did. I guess in my mind I thought he was still at home with his dad and no one even asked me where he was. I thank god that he is ok and I know this will never happen again. But I just feel so terrible. I spoiled him the rest of the night but today that was all I could think about. I feel so horrible. I still dont know how it happened. I guess it goes to prove that it can happen to anyone.

And I dont need any critisism in the comments I know it was wrong I didnt do it on purpose ( I would never leave my child on purpose ). I have punished myself enough and that will never leave me.


Jodi - posted on 09/02/2012




I'm so sorry this happened to you. I have never done it personally, But I can totally understand how it could happen. I have been so busy with so much on my mind before that I freaked out wondering where my child was when I turned around to look at him in his carseat, and he wasn't there. I had forgotten that I'd dropped him off at daycare that day. It is very easy, as a mother, daughter, wife, employee, boss, whatever role you have, to become overwhelmed and make a mistake. I think, as women, we sometimes forget that we are also human, and we should support each other in these times. None of us is immune from making a mistake with our children. It is how we pick ourselves up and learn from those mistakes that matters.

I am so glad that things turned out well for you, and please take to heart that you, too, are only human. Don't beat yourself up too much over it.

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