i had a one night stand when me and my partner split up for a few months.we got back together i had a period and we later found out we was expecting.i never told my partner about the 1 night stand because we were happy and i never gave it a thought that there was the possibility that the child wasnt his. his brother hounded us for 3years saying i had been with sum1 else and i kept denying it because i was so afraid of losing my partner and our family life. we eventually had a test done and the result was he wasnt the childs father and we were both devastated but he went and told all his family our daughter wasnt his own and they told other people. all this happened 9 weeks ago my daughter is 2 yrs old.after the 1st 4 weeks of him bein gon he came bk sed e loved me and wanted 2 be her father regardless,this lasted 24hrs n then he went again. hes been backwards and forwards telling me wat i want 2 hear n then sleeping with me and goin again.he now says he is my childs father and wants her but doesnt want me or come back home again.i dont want my daughter to know about her real father as he is a thug and is now in2 drug use.but im so scared that if my ex brings my daughter up as his own his family wil tell her when shes older and that wil break her heart.i know its my own stupid fault but i am so confused and i stil really love him but i also have to think about when he gets a new partner and if they have a child wil my daughter get pushed out and also the fact of wil his family stil treat her the same.i need help because i really dont know what 2 do and its making me so ill.


Iridescent - posted on 05/10/2012




Were you married? If so, he may legally be her father regardless of paternity. If not, standing in as the father for longer than 1-2 years may also make him the father regardless of paternity. You'd need legal aid to know if either of these rules applies in your state. The mistakes were made, and it's his choice whether or not to stay with you. He can remain a part of her life though with the same rights as any biological father.

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