I had my 1st child on Sept. 8,2010 and he passed Sept.10,2010.I am not sure how or if I should celebrate his birthday and what do i do?


JuLeah - posted on 06/07/2011




Humm ... I am sorry for your loss. There is no right answer here, no should or ought to.
Go with your heart.
Some folks I have heard of in similar situations light a candle and say a few words, some write a letter and read it out loud, some have family around, some want to be alone .... Some visit a grave if there is one, some might even have a birthday party .... no wrong answers. I assume it be hard enough getting through the day, so don't add the pressure of what you 'ought to' be doing. Follow your emotions and whatever you do or don't do will be the right thing for you


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Do you want to celebrate his birthday? If you do then you should. Do what feels right for you even if its only visiting his grave and putting some flowers there.

Louise - posted on 06/07/2011




Amber I am so sorry. The answer is if you feel you need to remember him in this way then do so. There is no right and wrong here. Do what you need to do. Much love sent xx

Stifler's - posted on 06/07/2011




If you want to you should celebrate his birthday. Like JuLeah said lighting a candle is a cute idea or having a dinner in his honour or something. Whatever helps ease the pain.

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