i had my son wen i was 15 no am 27 n he is 12 does age judge how u bring up ur kids


Neva - posted on 07/08/2011




I think that having a child in your teen years does affect how you raise your children. Teenagers do not have fully developed reasoning skills yet (that part of the brain is not fully developed until about age 24). So, in general teenagers are more self centered which makes it harder for them to always put a child's needs first and to set limits. For example, it takes a lot of effort to be consistent, set limits, provide routines, etc. Teenagers are more likely to become frustrated when something doesn't work right away, and to just let the child get away with things, or let things slide. I'm not saying that this is true with every young parent, but just in general. Also, most parents parent the way that they were parented because that's what they know, and teenagers have not had as much life experience or seen other ways of parenting, so that, too affects how they parent. I think that the important thing for any parent is to love your child, be a parent, not a friend. Children will respect you in the long run if they can't run all over you.

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