I had to stop breast feeding when my baby was one month old. I had a very bad infection in my uterus from my c-section that spread through my body. I was very sick, every inch of my body hurt and i had to go on strong antibiotics. My milk dried up almost immediatly after starting them. Now my baby is 6 months old and i noticed the other day that my breasts are leaing milk! I have lots of milk all of a sudden after not breast feeding for 5 months! Has this ever happened to anyone else? And what should I do?


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Jessica - posted on 08/28/2016




Nurse your baby as much as possible. It's the best way to let your breast milk down. You can also drink healthy nursing tea to increase your lactation. It was a great help to me when I was producing less with my second baby,

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i had to stop breastfeeding when my daughter was put on a life support machine at twelve days old, expressing was not successful and my milk dried up, the doctor gave me some tablets to stimulate my milk supply, which worked really well. However, it took four years for my milk to stop afterwards, which i was told given the circumstances was nothing to worry about, infact the worrying could make it take longer. Any stimulation of the nipples will produce more milk and if you are feeling broody or caring for a bottle fed baby, the emotional stimulation has the same effect.

Hayley - posted on 03/30/2009




get the quick ok from a doctor or maternal nurse hotline to be sure no new infection has developed and start feeding!

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that is wonderful!!!! It might be hard to breastfeed now that your little one is 6 months old, I would express the milk and give it in the bottle for as long as you can. Nature must want you to give him your milk and you should rejoice at this.

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Rejoice!!! I have insufficient glandular tissue...meaning I'm one of the 5% or so of women who are incapable of producing enough breastmilk for their baby. I pump 8-10 times a day and only get between 4 and 6 ounces (and my baby refused the breast months ago due to slow flow).....so I say whatever you can get is worth it! Your baby may not be able to go back to breast at this point (I try coaxing mine frequently but he's not interested) but pumping would help stimulate your breasts to produce more, which you could then feed your baby from a bottle. Whatever you decide, good luck! If you have any questions about stimulating your milk production (herbal supplements, etc), let me know!

Marcy - posted on 03/29/2009




WOW!  What would I do?  Praise the Lord, first of all!  I would go ahead and feed the baby as much milk as you can in addition to the cereal or whatever the doctor has him on now.  I would then tell my OB/GYN and make sure everything's ok physically.  I mean, this probably means there is a surge of hormones and I'd want to know if/when it will subside and go back to normal.  But, most of all, this is your second chance to nourish your child with all the immunities, etc you have for as long as you are both willing.  Nothing beats mom's milk!  Congratulations!

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You actually can leak milk any time after you have stopped nursing for up to a year. But it's really not uncommon to produce milk even after you have stopped. If you really want to nurse you probably could. But if you don't want to nurse, don't worry about it. Just don't irritate your breast, this includes not putting warm water on them in the shower. If it gets uncomfortable manually suppress or use a pump to relieve the pressure, but only when it gets really uncomfortable. Otherwise just wait and within a couple of days you should be fine.

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