I hate breastfeeding...

Siakapoor - posted on 02/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




... because

1. It hurt like hell, my nipples were sore and bruised

2. They ask you to keep the baby on for half hour - 40 mins on each breast. It's never ending and hurts more. Even after all this my son used to cry because I wasnt making enough.

3. Everybody, their mother and father want to know if you are breastfeeding and if they see you giving a bottle they make you feel like you have committed the biggest sin and you are not fit to be a mother. (Yeah right! I had a normal delivery and about 18 hrs of labour. I quit my job for my son. does that still qualify me as a worthless mom?)

4. Older women, especially my Mother-in-law thought that it's ok to sit and watch me feed.(I want to ask her if it's just about ok to sit and watch her while she changes her blouse)

5. A breastfeeding obsessed mother-inlaw: My mother-in-law would test my husband and me by asking my husband whether I fed the baby when he woke up at night or whether he fed him. If my husband told her that he fed him, then she would know that my baby had been given formula and she would pass judgemental looks. She would ask me if he woke up at night and how many times he woke up and ask me" So YOU fed him?" (No, I didnt woman. The neighbour fed him at 2 am, 4 am and 6 am!) She would also tell me about how she had SO MUCH MILK when she was feeding my husband when he was a baby and about how her sister-in-law expressed milk and stored bottles of it in the freezer. (Im sure her sister inlaw was some sort of a jersey cow which she expected me to be). My son also had an allergic cough for about 5 days for which she told me that if he has more breastmilk he will not get these coughs and cold.(what the .........?????) And her first question whenever any of my friends or acquaintances have had a baby is - "Has she started feeding?"

6. The lactation tablets : Dont ever ever take them. They are horrible and dont work well at all. for a mere 20 ml extra milk I had to pop 3 pills a day which made my breasts hurt like HELL!

7. The BLEBS (milk blisters) : These are the worst any breastfeeding mom can experience. It looks like a small pimple but block a hell lot of ducts and they are stubborn. The baby is supposed to suck it out, but as my son grew he refused to suckle if I had a blister because there was no flow. IT HURTS!!! I have have had to ask my husband to suck it out for me. Poor guy, he felt so wierd doing it but there was no way out. Before I asked him I used to try pulling it out with my nail or a needle and it used to make my nipple bleed and leave scabs. Then I figured that certain types of food cause these blisters. For me it was - heavy dairy - like cream, cheese, desserts, coconut and coconut milk, and green tea. every time I ate any of these even a small teaspoon, I would wake up the next morning with a lump and a white pimple. I go to a buffet and eat salad!!!!!

It makes my blood boil whenever anyone asks a woman - "So are you exclusively breastfeeding?" or "Oh, you are giving you baby a bottle?"(and the eyes to accompany it) or "Oh, so you give both is it? ah..."


Celeste - posted on 02/27/2014




Sorry you had such a bad experience! I had blister too and those suckers hurt!

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