I hate reflux!!!

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Hi all my little girl is 10 weeks and cmpi and soy intolerant, she is on neocate which has done wonders for her allergys her skin has cleared up from all nasty spoty rashes she had but we have a new problem which may or may nt been there before.. Reflux! Basically she doesn't projectile vomit with burps when she's feeding takes her bottle fine, brings up around 6 burps after a 4 once feed, she is sicky after her feed but it doesn't bother her, the problem starts around 2 hours after her last feed usually wen she's been down asleep half an hour, she will b fast asleep peaceful then all of a sudden il hear her cough and gag and hear something come up and out will come a clear liquid that smells rly strong, she's tried gaviscon which didn't do anything, thick n easy which she reacted too and ranitidine which worked for about 2 days!!! Does this sound like delayed gastric emptying due to the timing of it? Any advice would be much apreciated. P.s this happens at every single feed, she's also very gassy no matter how many times she burps x

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