i hav 2 years and 04 months old baby boy. he is very talkative and has very less sleep. he usually sleep at 12 o'clock at night or later than it. he cant sit even for a minute. if i try to control him he becomes angry and slaps me. kindly give me any tips for handling my baby.


Tina - posted on 08/07/2012




sounds like my little 2 year old. He's always been a little active night owl. I try to make sure if he has a day nap it's early but he normally has one later then he's up late. If I don't let him have his nap he's cranky it's a vicious cycle. But I do have a safety gate on his door. So he can at least stay in his room and not get into everything. Also try to make sure the house is dark and you don't have tv's going. That's a big part of my problem because his dad's also a night owl who stays up watching tv so he can hear that and that makes it hard to get him to shut down. My son although has a bed also has a fold up toy story mattress on the flloor. Eventually once he has run amuk and warn himself out after he's had his last drink and nappy change he will eventually just end up falling asleep on the mattress. You could put some classical music on and a night lite if he gets scared. A good routine helps if you can get one. Have a meal and drink at a decent hour warm bath and message with some baby lotion with lavendar or something. But ultimately he just needs to wear out his batteries ;)

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