i have 2.5 year daughter she is picky eater she only likes sweet things like cake frosting and milk out of bottle with lots of sugar in it am really worried about her diet she hardly take 50-100 calories a day any suggestion plz help me


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Dove - posted on 01/20/2013




50-100 calories/day? How is that even possible? She'd be hospitalized for malnutrition already if that were the case.....

Just stop giving in to her and feed her normal food. If she like milk with lots of sugar in it.... make her 'milkshakes'... only all you put in it is milk, a banana, and a variety of frozen fruits. It will still be sweet, but no ADDED sugar at all. I wouldn't do that every day, but maybe 2-3 times/week while she is getting used to the new diet you are going to start offering her. Look for other healthy foods that are naturally sweet (like sweet potatoes) that may help satisfy this sweet tooth that you've created in her while still giving her the healthy nutrients that she needs.

Stay strong and if you're really worried about her.... take her to the doctor for help.

Lacye - posted on 01/20/2013




1. At 2 years old, she is way past the age to have the bottle taken away from her. It will damage her teeth. Stop it.

2. No she's not going to eat anything else because you are obviously caving in and giving her the sweets. Stop caving in. She will eventually eat the healthy things that you offer.

3. Why would you put sugar in her milk? Stop it. That is just making everything worse.

4. If you continue to keep feeding her this way, your daughter is going to be one of those obese kids you see on tv that can barely walk and you can't distinguish their facial features through all the fat. Stop giving in to her. You are not her friend, you are her mother. Act like it.

Lisa - posted on 01/20/2013




OMG really who is in charge you or her..... i know other parents that have done this and their child and their teeth had to be pulled because of all the sugar......PLEASE be her mother!!!!! i have 2 children they get something sweet maybe once or twice a week but they don't complain because they don't get a option if she is really hungry for a snack she will not starve herself she will eat what you give her as long as you stick to your grounds remember this is for her health. be prepared for a MAJOR tantrum many of them but sooner or later she will get it.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/20/2013




WHY would you EVER have put sugar in her milk? WHY is she getting junk food so often? DUH she won't eat anything else because if she doesn't eat what you give her, she knows you will cave and give her sweets. Stop buying all that crap, stop having it in the house. Offer sensible snacks like grapes, apples, bananas for sweets. YOu really need to change her food habits now before it takes over your life. She will be heavy and prone to diabetes if you continue this. Be her mother.

S. - posted on 01/20/2013




Stop giving her it, at 2.5 they have no choice but to eat what is offered. try offer her small portions of regular healthy food if she turns her nose up don't offer her anything else till the next meal time. I'm not sure what you mean by milk out of a bottle do you mean flavoured milks? Just give her full fat cows milk or water. Fruit is a natural sweet.
She will probably whine, cry for her treats and hardly eat anything at first but you really really need to just bare with it. If your really worried which you should be you need to change this now.

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