I have 2 kids, 13 and 12. My boyfriend has been living with us for 2 years and he is a lot more stern than I am. We were discussing christmas and I told him that I was getting my 13 year old daughter a television for christmas. She turns 14 at the beginning of December. Both of the kids watch tv in the family room and they argue constantly because they have different interest. My other child is a 12 and he is a boy. My boyfriend feels like this is a big mistake because she will become isolated and he feels that kids do not need their own television until they are 15. I totally disagree. I explained that she will be monitored, the same way that I monitor her with her ipod.


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Chet - posted on 09/23/2014




This is the thing, you're the parent and it's ultimately your choice, but your boyfriend has a valid point. His concerns are completely justified, and I wouldn't even give a television to a 15 year.

We are six people who share one TV. It's not difficult to share because most of what the kids watch is downloaded or streamed. I'd get a PVR so nobody misses their favourite show when there is a conflict before I put a TV in a child's bedroom. If you really want a second TV in the house I would put it in a different common area.

Television in the bedroom is associated with a lot of issues - less sleep, lower quality sleep, poorer school performance, reduced family interaction, less opportunity for quiet thought and concentration, increased weight gain and decreased conversation with the child about what they see on TV.

It's fine to say that you'll monitor the TV and impose strict rules regarding it's use, but it's not that easy. Fighting with the brother about the shared TV may just turn into fighting with you about the TV rules.

And if a TV in the bedroom becomes a problems the damage is difficult to undo. If a child has formed a habit of watching TV instead of doing homework, watching TV when they can't fall asleep, watching TV and avoiding family, you notice after the bad habit has formed and become and issue, most teens won't just say, "yeah, you're right mom, I'll get rid of the TV."

Ev - posted on 09/22/2014




So this is the boyfriend and not a step parent persay? I think that it is finally your decision to have the gift for your daughter for the reason you said and if you plan to watch her shows she gets to watching and so on then there should be no problem. If you lay down rules that she does spend time with family and watch only shows she and brother fight over that she likes, then you should have no problems. I think you should take his thoughts under advisement but he has no real say.

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