I have 2 sons with autism but they have different dads so I know I'm carrying some dodgy gene, should I get sterilised?

Kathryn - posted on 01/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




When my first son was diagnosed life was stressful and me and his father separated. I met someone new and was told the chances of having another child with autism was minimal and so we decided to have a child together....our son was born with severe development delay and later diagnosed autistic. again too much strain on our relationship and we separated. 8 yrs later and the boys are 10 and 14 and I have met someone new, I'm only 31 myself and need to make the decision to risk another pregnancy or to be sterilised, I'm still being told there is no genetic link but to me it's obvious there is. Opinions pls


Kim - posted on 01/04/2013




That is a tough decision. If you are religious you may want to pray for an answer. If it were me I would definately give your new relationship alot of time and see if you get married or not. Watch how he interacts with your children and how he handles things with them. Give your self lots of time and the answer will come. It needs to be a decision you make together. If you both decide that that you want to bring a new life into the world then you should, I would not let it be a fault because a child could be born a certain way. You love your children and that is what matters. Give it time and pray about it, that is my best advice. Kim

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