I have 3 kids and the father just found out about them. He's married.

Fallon - posted on 06/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please don't judge. So I've been having sex with this man since I was 18. It started freshman year in college. He was a junior. It wasn't anything serious, we'd just hook up occasionally. I got pregnant by him with my first child around the 5th time we had sex and hadn't seen him for a month afterwards. When I found out I was pregnant I considered telling him but at that time he had just gotten a girlfriend, so I saw no real point to tell him he was about to have a kid when he was pursuing a relationship. I dropped out of school and worked as a waitress for a bit to make ends meet. My mom wanted nothing to do with me so I was in it alone. After my son was born I was having trouble paying the bills so I caved and took a job as stripper. I know, here come the insults. So after about 2 years of stripping and making decent money to support my son one night while I'm working in walks you guessed it baby daddy. He was at his bachelor party and was getting married tomorrow. At first I was pretty embarassed and tried to hide, but my boss called me out to come dance and that's when he saw me. He pulled me aside and we talked for a bit but of course I didn't mention my son. He was more interested in why I had dropped out and what I was doing here. Told him that my mom sick and just needed extra cash to pay for medical bills. That seemed to convince him, and we talked more and one thing ledn to another and we ended up having sex again unprotected. my birth control failed and then I became pregnant with my daughters (twins). I hadn't seen him for 3 more years until he came by a diner i work the day shift at. He was with his wife and she was pregnant. We of course acted like we didn't know each other until my son's pre-school teacher and my friend dropped him off early from her pre-school and my son came running up to me and gave me hug. My son looks just like Chad. Almost identical. When he saw my son and my expression I guess he figured something wasn't right.
I tried to avoid him, but I saw him excuse himself from his wife and then in private he pulled me aside and asked about my son. I figured there was no point in lying anymore since he was already suspicious. So I told him the truth that yes my son was biologically his. he was mad and asked why didn't I tell him about him etc. then after he seemed to have calmed down i let the other secret out that we had 2 daughters as well from the night we hooked up before his wedding. At that, he blew a fuse At first he thought I wasn't serious, but I told him the truth and said that No that I had 3 children by him. He looked at me incredulously and just shook his head and walked away and then he went back to his wife placed some cash on the table and then he left with his wife. I could hear his wife ask him what was wrong, but I didn't hear his reply. I'm worried what will he do? Can he take my babies from me? I'm not asking any support


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Michelle - posted on 06/16/2015




Yes he can petition for visitation, they are his children.
Hopefully you have learned that honesty is always best, even if you think it will ruin things at the time.
You really need to get in contact with him and discuss it all.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/15/2015




He has every right in the world to petition for access to his children.
You should NOT have even tried to keep the truth from him. By doing so, you proved yourself to be dishonest, and no wonder he's pissed off. He's got THREE kids that he was never told about. You let him marry thinking everything was hunky dory.
I hope that he does petition his rights.
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