i have 4 kiddos, from ages 6 to 12 my 10 year old is always full of tons of energy and has to be doing something from the time he wakes to the time he shuts his eyes, its winter and pretty cold here in colorado springs most of the time . does anyone have any ideas for some fun indoor activities . keep in mind i am a single mother and we all live in my 2 bedroom apartment.


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Yikes! Think of some games that are mentally and intellectually challenging, as this would prevent him from bouncing off the walls. (My daughter has/had ADHD. We both actually have it so I know what a really active kid is like and I also know what it feels like being that way. It's not always an internal good feeling)
The trick for a really active kid is to find something really engaging, that he can become absorbed with..... like online mentally challenging but educational. This will make him feel good. Unlike video-gaming, which can lead to pent up energy, and he has enough energy already. Or- something like painting...there are calming and REWARDING thing out there. Overly active kids I think, need the rewarding activities.
Unfortunately you will have to do some digging around online for this, but it will be worth the time.
Also he needs some physical stuff as well....I don't have ideas about that, it's hard being in an apartment....

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