I have 4 kids in schol and working part-time but hate not being home when they are home. I may be offered a job at their school for alot less money and thinking of taking it. Not sure what is best money or time with kids... HELP


Vicki - posted on 09/18/2012




This is a hard call, I feel your pain. Moms who work feel guilty and think they should be home and moms who stay home think they should be at work fincancially contributing. Either way there guilt of some sorts. I have been a stay at home mom and have felt guilty for not contibuting financially, on the flip side i was also able to be there for my children and thankful for it. However from my own experience i feel like when the kids start school fulltime would be perfect time for a part time job. I wish i had of i think i satyed home too long and it put me into a depression and lowered my self worth. As a women its important to have financial independence. I think if you can afford to stay home then great but i do feel like it comes down to whats best for you and your family


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