I have 5 kids all but one is potty trained. My 6yr old wets his pantsduring play and during night. I have even cut drinks out 1 hour before bed. what can i do?


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Kristi - posted on 07/18/2012




Have you taken him to his pediatrician? My step daughter also had that problem. She was in 2nd or 3rd grade and still wetting the bed almost nightly and sometimes during the day. It didn't seem to happen as much at school because they had regular potty breaks so her teacher would tell her to at least go try. Maybe you can try that. I'm sure you probably make him go right before bed, that helped a little. It turned out that her bladder was just small. The dr gave us a perscription for something to help until her bladder got bigger. (I can't remember what the medicine was specifically for, strengthening her bladder, I think but it was almost 15 years ago!) She was just so active and always had a busy mind so she didn't always catch the signal that she had to pee. Sometimes there is a pyschological reason for it, too. Bad dreams, scared to get up in the night, anxiety...

I don't know if any of this helps but good luck, be patient with him.

Jodi - posted on 07/18/2012




Has your child been diagnosed with any other issues (such as ASD)? I only ask because then what you are experiencing would be more common, especially during the day. How often is he wetting during the day? I have a step son who had some real issues occasionally, especially if he got distracted, and was probably about 8 before he TRULY had full control of his bladder during the daytime. We just reminded him constantly to go to the toilet, and we would force him to go and TRY anyway, whether he thought he needed to go or not.

With the night wetting, he didn't outgrow that until he was 12, and even then, we needed help from medication. At 6, however, night time wetting is fairly common, so I wouldn't worry too much yet.

So I would suggest to you, at this stage, to take him to the doctor and explain the problem, and just have him checked out to eliminate any medical causes for the problem. Then, get him into the habit of going to the toilet regularly throughout the day through reminders. I am assuming that because he is 6, he is in mainstream school? You need to go and talk to the teacher and discuss with her a plan to remind him to go to the toilet throughout the school day too. At this point, I would not focus on the night time training, I'd just put him in a pull up at night, and focus on the day time issues. Once they are under control, then you can work on the night time issues.

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