I have 6 month old twins boy/girl...And also a 3 year old boy.So far I've just been going with the flow and winging it, so to speak, but I cannot continue anymore, have dug a hole for myself and I promised I would after my first.....But here I am!! I desparately need twins on a routine...For sleeping and even every day things like sleep, feeds, solids, I'm just finding myself lost of time and I think if I follow a routine, not only will it help them but myself, being so sleep deprived, as they are not sleeping through the nite, Im finding it hard to keep track of what part of day it is and what is next to do!! So please can someone send me a routine even to get on track at first,


Charity_knox - posted on 10/28/2012




I have 11 month old b/g twins and a 4 year old. For us we started attempting to feed and lay the babies down for naps around the same time everyday around 2 months or so. I have to say our routine did not stick or become consistent till around 6 months,it took that time for babies to adjust. A bedtime bath routine and bedtime around the same time every night helped with night time. During the day if one twin acted tired I would lay her down and then the other. I can type up an example for you but it could be something that will take time. I explain our routine as us consistently feeding and napping that the kids eventually adapted to it did not happen overnight. Consistency is key but so is being flexible . I breastfed my twin till a few weeks ago and they were mostly breastfed on demand but I always kept meal times consistent times even if they were nursing more often. This is just an example. I don't follow a minute by minute schedule but simply a routine ( and trust me I am not a schedule anal crazy list person either ;)

6;30AM babies up bottle/breastfeed

7AM Breakfast


830 nap time

10;30 babies up bottle/breastfeed


1130- lunch


130 nap time bottle/breastfeed

3;30 play time


4;30 dinner

Daddy time

sometimes a late afternoon nap.

6;30/7 bath time

7;30/8 bottle/breastfeed then bedtime

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