I have 6 yr old triplet boys who are very rowdy.

Natasha - posted on 01/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Always yelling and screeching and bouncing and making tons of noise. How can I get them to settle down? I can't get them to clean their room properly so I do it, and then it's TRASHED the same day all over again. HELP!


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Ariana - posted on 01/09/2013




For cleaning their room I would try to make it so where each things goes is really clear, so if you have bins or w/e just make sure everything has a certain place. Try to put pictures of things if needed, so if the cars all go in one spot put a photo with cars (or toys/clothes etc.).

Otherwise you basically just need to make them do it. Put them in the room and tell them to clean up, if they try to leave and it isn't clean, put them back in, don't allow them any fun activities etc unless it's done. At first you might try and direct them to what to do but if they're whining or playing off you trying to help leave the room. If you see one out go and check if the rooms clean. If one kid isn't doing anything make it so that so there's a section of toys/stuff he's specifically meant to pick up and the other boys don't have to do that spot (only on a case by case basis not that he ALWAYS has to pick that stuff up). So if the other boys clean stuff up and one hasn't the stuff he hasn't put away is left and the other boys can leave the room and the one who hasn't cleaned up can't leave. Same if you only have one boy doing it, give him a certain amount of stuff he needs to do before he's allowed to leave and the other two can't.

At first it will take them a long time and they'll probably whine and mope about it but eventually some of them will start caving faster and just want to be able to play and stuff. Another way to speed it up is to possibly try to make it into a race (who can clean the fastest!) or have something cool happen after they clean up (we'll watch a show once everythings cleaned up!) possibly give them 20 minutes and whoever's out gets to watch and whoever's still in can't until they're done also (or some other activity not necessarily tv).

For yelling and screeching maybe try to have it so at certain times they can't be overly loud. It's hard to stay quiet ALL the time but if it's before bedtime, or early in the morning, right before dinner, or when guests are over, ask them to quiet down and if they don't seperate them. Give them specific times they shouldn't be overly loud (like I said, maybe make a rule an hour before bedtime we're not allowed to yell or make tons of noise). Even my toddler knows he can't use the 'loud toys' before breakfast (mostly 'cause I'm not a morning person...). I wouldn't expect them to be quiet all the time. If you have a yard or anything and they're getting to loud tell them being louds for outdoors and bring them outside.

Obviously they shouldn't scream at the top of their lungs, but being loud and bouncy is pretty normal.

Good luck with them, I'm sure you've got your hands full!

Michelle - posted on 01/09/2013




I've had one at a time and they were the same at that age. One of the families that my boys go to school with have triplets and 1 is autistic and I take my hat off to her. She is the most amazing and patient woman I have met.

Sorry I don't have much advice except maybe try separating them and giving them different areas to tidy.

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