I have a 1 year old daughter and my x is threatening to take me to court for full custody he wasn't there for the preg or after when she was 3 months him and his gf found out by DNA that my daughter was his he has seen her but its been a battle his gf was always sticking her nose in and it stopped for awhile because we went to mediatian and it stopped he and her have been verbally abusive to me I have never ever told him he can't see her but the head games are to much I do have a lawyer who hasn't really helped me because he hasn't given me papers so I'm feeling frustrated about this I have been angry and have called him names but I know it's best for our daughter if he is involved I'm worried I don't think court is best but it seems that his gf has a power over him she doesn't like me she says she does but she is two faced I can never just talk to him alone I need some help would a judge grant him full custody even tho I have let him see her whenever he wants.


Jodi - posted on 12/12/2012




Unlikely to grant him full custody. But will definitely grant visitation. I know you don't think going to court is ideal, but getting a court order will be because it will provide you some certainty.

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