I have a 11 month old son, and he is my first child. Can you please advice me the best food for him for lunch and dinner? Thank you/


Jaime - posted on 07/24/2012




Lots of fruits and veggies for sure...especially for snacks. Soft foods are best because they don't have many teeth to chew anything tough or too crunchy. My son loved fruit and yogurt, banana chunks (cut small) or watermelon chunks because it's so easy to chew with their gums and it's a favourite for most babies. You can make your own stew and just be sure that the meat is in smaller bits for them to chew (make sure it's tender). Beef or chicken stew with potatoes, carrots, peas, and if you need to you can just blend it up to make the food softer and the chunks smaller. Past one year, kids start to eat a bit more table food but they're not quite up to full course meals so don't worry too much about quantity...it's quality of nutrients that matters most. At 11 months your baby is probably still on breast milk or formula so the bulk of the nutrients is still being supplied through those means. For little snacks I always had the gerber graduates little can of puffs (strawberry or peach flavoured) for him to munch on, or an arrowroot cookie always works! :)

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