I have a 13 year old son i have found a condom lying in his underwear drawer i want to confront him but don't know the right words to use please help.


Michelle - posted on 11/10/2015




I'm guessing used?
If not then there's no need to "confront" him. You can talk to him about being very young still and not to rush in to having sex. Plus it's illegal.
If it's used then you need to let him know that it's illegal for him to be having sex and if the person he had sex with is also underage then the problems are even bigger.

I'm hoping that you have been open about sex before now though and I'm not sure what you want to "confront" him about.
It actually helps people if you let us know more about the situation so we can actually help.


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Dove - posted on 11/10/2015




Why did she delete her comments? Or did she not make any?

The other ladies have covered it pretty well. You need to talk, talk, talk to him about how sex is something that should REALLY wait until adulthood... because even a condom is not foolproof and he could end up w/ an incurable STD or end up a father... ask him how he'd support a baby at only 13.

It is fine to be interested in sex and curious, but it is really an adult activity. It is good that he HAS a condom though as he needs to be well aware if he chooses not to wait til adulthood he must use a condom each and every time he has sex as even though it's not foolproof... it is the only thing that will help prevent STDs.

Raye - posted on 11/10/2015




If he's interested in sex, then it's good that he's thinking about condoms. Michelle is right, though, he's to young to be engaging in that activity. Have the sex talk and fill him in on the dangers of sex (pregnancy, STD's, etc.). Condoms can break, and no BC is 100% effective. STD's could affect him the rest of his life. So he should wait to have sex until he's older and can better deal with the responsibility and consequences of his actions.

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