I have a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant. She is a really good kid, does not give me a hard time about much and pretty respectful. She made a huge error in judgement both with her choice of a guy and to sleep with him without being fully protected. We were waiting for her menstrual cycle to go back on birth control. Clearly her period did not come. She will have the baby sometime in March, but she is a senior in high school. How does a teen graduate when the birth of the baby comes a few months before? I'm pretty sad for the difficult road she has ahead, but really want to make sure that she graduates on time. Has anyone been in my situation?


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Michelle - posted on 09/03/2012




Hi there, be there for her and help her as much as possible with the baby where her schooling is concerned if she feels that she has the help she needs at home then she can concentrate at school without worrying about her child. Definitely talk the school about setting up something so that her second semester of school is not as tough a schedule as the first and that way she still has time to nurse or do whatever she needs to do for that baby. Also see if your school has a nursery where your daughter can go and see baby during her breaks and such. The biggest thing is this is her baby life will change and she needs to know it or else you will be the one having a new baby.

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I was in the same situation myself. my school graded me on the work i had done to date, and i was given my final grades for my certificate based on that. talk to her school, there will be a way for them to accommodate her. the alternative would be for her to complete as much as her school year as possible and go back for the last couple of months the year after, or take up an equivalency program. Keep in mind that highschool isn't the only pathway these days. explore all the options :)

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