I have a 17 year old son and as he turns 18.......

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My son is 17 and and turns 18 in less than a year. He wants to join the Navy when he turns 18. He is graduates high school in a year. I want him to finish school first before he joins. He is a good kid and very smart. He is working at a recruit center now as an intern. I love how he has a goal in life and wants a career, but the "school" things is important. I have given him lots of advice and told him my opinion. He appreciates my advice, but has his mind set. What can I do to convince him to finish school first and accomplish his High School diploma?

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The Navy requires at least a GED. If he can pass that, I'd let him do it and join at 18. You really can't force anything at this age, and you're in a much better position that the parent of a kid who doesn't want to do high school but doesn't have anything else in mind either (e.g., me). If he has a GED and a couple years of military service under his belt, he's going to look good to any employer. Or maybe he'll make a career in the military. The military makes it very easy to get a college degree during service, even in Iraq they had a continuing ed tent with on-line classes. Good lord, if my smart-but-lazy son had a plan to be out of the house by 18 I'd be dancing on the rooftop.

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When he is at school, go talk to his boss/supervisor at work. Since he has so much respect for the military, enlist their help. They are obviously a big influence in his life, they are probably a primary reason for his wanting to join (Very admirable!) but since he looks up to them so much, as them for their opinions, and see if you can't get them onto your side. Make sure your son knows how much you respect and admire his choice to join the armed forces, but tell him that without an education, all their training won't make up for the lack of a diploma.

Remind him how utterly crappy the economy is, and that having a diploma or a GED is very important. The army is not an automatic 'in' when it comes to a job, they could eliminate him based on his lack of a diploma.

Your biggest 'guns' are still sitting in the recruiting office though. Have them talk him into it, even if it is just to get him to stay in that office a little longer.

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He can't actually join until he is 18 anyways and out of high school. Although he can enlist at 17 they only hold it till he is out of high school.

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