I have a 17 yr old daughter, she is in High school and has a learning diability and is speech and hearing appaired, she is bullied at school by kids and some were her friends. It has gotten to the put her grades have dropped. She has also been threatened by her ex boyfriends friends. All of her friends turned there back on her and now she doesnt want to go to school. I have went to the school and discussed this with them and all they do is call the kids in the office and talk to them, which doesnt work at all. They just cotinue, needless to say, she has know friends at all. I have gotten to the pint, i have pulled her from this school cause the thought of her having to go there and be bullied and walk the halls knowing shes being talked about or accused of saying stuff about others that isnt true, kills me inside. High school should be the funniest time of your school year. But its not helping her with passing. She comes home from chool and sleeps. has headaches all the time. What else could i do? Was me pulling her from the schoola good thing? or a mistake?


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Donna Gail - posted on 01/27/2013




It all did start from a break up.But its like the ex didnt want her to be happy, so he pulled all her friends away from her, then the bullying started. Iam working on replacing her somewhere else, if the school doesnt give me a hassel about it.

Michelle - posted on 01/27/2013




Well it all depends, sounds like her issues at school stem from a break up not her delays. High school girls are mean and your daughter has to look at herself and what truly happened breakups are two sided each person had feelings each person is upset. At lease when she can understand where the issues came from she can mend. I hope that you have placed her in a different highschool so that she can try and make some new friends.

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